How To Stay Focused On Homework – Good Tips For Students

Unfortunately, procrastinating is a common thing to everyone. You have to concentrate on your homework, but instead, you find yourself wandering over to interesting websites, typing messages, watching TV or simply staring out of the window. The result is frustration, bad mood, and poor grades. The truth is that it’s you who must put an end to it! Follow our advice and save plenty of time.

Preparations to Start Doing Your Homework

  1. Make out a plan.
  2. Write down everything you have to do not only for the current day but for the whole week. Note tasks when you’re still at school, so that you can ask the teacher to explain the details. Later, budget time for each assignment.

  3. Set priorities.
  4. Organize your notes from the most difficult tasks to the easiest. Don’t put hard ones aside till midnight when you’ll be tired and sleepy.

  5. Choose a working area.
  6. Find a perfect spot for studying at home where the light is sufficient and no one will bother you. Your desk should be neat, clean and large enough to spread your papers and place a computer. Everything you may need should be close at hand.

  7. Eat well.
  8. When hunger doesn’t occupy your thoughts it’s much easier to study. Take some snack to your desk and a glass of water and you won’t have to get up and wander around the house.

Effective Strategies to Remain Focused

  1. Turn everything off.
  2. Modern technology is useful but distracting. When you set down to homework switch off a TV set, mobile phone, and instant messengers unless you desperately need them to cope with assignments. Be decisive!

  3. Listen to music.
  4. The only thing you may leave is your player. Headphones help to get detached from the outside world and focus on a thing in front of you. If songs divert your attention, consider classical music or simply some white noise, like birds singing.

  5. Control the websites.
  6. There are many browser extensions which allow users to block distracting sites for a period of time. This simple programs also can be set to remind you to stop surfing the Web or communicating via social networks and create impressive statistics on how much time you waste. That may be a motivation.

  7. Speak aloud.
  8. When you find it hard to concentrate, articulate your problems. You don’t need to shout – just whisper. It will help your brains to think of a particular problem. Moreover, hearing yourself speaking can trigger new ideas.


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