10 Things You Need To Do If You’ve Lost Motivation To Do Homework

From time to time it can become easy to lose the motivation it takes to complete your homework assignments. There are many techniques for regaining motivation, but we’ve put together the 10 things you should absolutely no about regaining motivation as provided by our academic experts:

  1. Plan Ahead to Create Free Time
  2. Even before your day ends you should already start thinking about using the time after class as efficiently as possible to get through your work. If you have study period you can get started on some work or at least develop a plan.

  3. Break Down Your Assignment
  4. Before setting up series of goals, look through the entire assignment and read through example problems, headings, chapter questions, etc. to get your mind focused on the assignment at hand.

  5. Set Up a Goals and Rewards System
  6. Developing a goals and rewards system is an excellent way to get back your motivation. After you’ve completed a specific goal you can give yourself a break, a snack, time online, or just about anything you enjoy. Granted spread these rewards out so that you maximize your work effort.

  7. Avoid Procrastination at All Cost
  8. Just think about all the things that can build up by not getting around to doing something. The best way to get on top of procrastination is to complete an assignment or task the moment it comes up.

  9. Work Smarter and Not Harder
  10. A lot of students make the mistake of trying to bit off more than they chew. Work smarter by breaking up the assignment into several manageable chunks. Schedule several breaks of about 10 minutes at least once an hour to maintain your focus.

  11. Think of the Negative Consequences
  12. The most obvious consequence of not doing your work is that you will receive a low score. You’ll also have a hard time understanding what is going on in class and will struggle with any quizzes and tests.

  13. Think of the Positive Benefits
  14. Now think about all the positive benefits that will arise from turning in your assignments on time. You will not only receive a good grade but you will comprehend the next day’s lesson more easily and will do well on tests.

  15. Create a Space Without Distraction
  16. Having a sanctuary where you can focus on just the work and tasks you need to complete is a great way of regaining your momentum. Set up a dedicated workspace where you have no electronic distractions and can work in quiet.

  17. Straighten Up Your Workspace
  18. It’s much easier to concentrate on your homework when you don’t have tons of clutter all over your workspace. Tidy up a few minutes before starting and try to keep the space clear during other times to make cleaning up much easier.

  19. Work in a Group or with a Friend
  20. If you can manage to work without keeping one another distracted, it’s a good idea to work with somebody else as you’ll feel more comfortable about working with someone aiming towards the same goals.


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