I Always Forget To Do My Homework: Possible Solutions

Homework is one of the most dreaded things that a student has to deal with. After all, who wants to spend 6-8 hours at school just to go home and study more? Some students even dread their nightly assignments so much that they forget to do them. Here is what you can do when you do just that.

Solution #1: Use a Daily Planner

In today’s day and age, it is not uncommon for schools to issue their students a planner at the beginning of the year. Some teachers (particularly those of elementary and middle school students) even require parents to sign the planner before the next day. If you do have a school-issued assignment planner, be sure you are using it. If not, pick one up and write your nightly assignments down. Cross them off as you get them done to be sure you don’t forget anything.

Solution #2: Put a Dry Erase Board in Your Locker

If your problem with doing homework stems from leaving it at school, then consider putting a dry erase board in your locker. As you get assignments throughout the day, write them down. When you arrive at school the next day, erase each item that you did. If you find that anything is left, try your best to get it done before you go to that class.

Solution #3: Recruit the Help of a Friend

If you have a friend that seems to be in all of your classes, tell them about your troubles. Then, see if they will help remind you of your assignments. You will find that this is especially helpful if you forget what you are supposed to be doing that night. In the age of technology, you can contact almost anyone on Facebook, so use this to your advantage.

Solution #4: Download an App on Your Phone

In the age of technology, middle school students and most high school students have cell phones. If you are going to be using it in class, then make it be useful. Download an app to help with your school assignments- just input it and check it off when you are done.

As long as you have right tips on hand, you will never forget to do your homework again. Remember, the same technique will not always work for everyone, so try different things until you find the one that works best for you.


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